November 11, 2014

2002 rang...

... and I took the call! After years of being asked, I did it: I set up that Etsy shop, and you can go to it by clicking right here. Just in time for the holidays! I hope to be adding to this somewhat regularly, so please check back when you think about it.
xo Victoria

October 31, 2014

Reinventing The Wheel

Hi All!
I thought I'd take a break and share some of what I've been up to. Well over a year ago, I mentioned here (click) wanting to slow down and take some time to get back to the process of printing. In truth, I was seeking the time to go back to the simple process of being a beginner. To try something new, and to be okay with whatever the outcome. I spent my spare time with some beloved wood type, some paper, and the press. No computer and no deadlines—you get the idea. In the last year, my new medium of choice has been sign painting. I am very familiar with lettering and typography, but the craft of sign painting adds a whole new dimension to this. In short, it is a humbling, delightful experience for me. It has sharpened my designer-eye and given me an entirely new appreciation for letterforms. The above picture is an example of the before and after. I was able to take my hand-painted-version, and translate it into a plate for letterpress. I really like the casual brush letters when they're pressed into the paper.

While I'm hardly ready to hang up my sign-painting shingle, I feel like I have turned a corner in my lettering practice.

Here is another example of some casual lettering and script that I tried. I have had that cut of The Fonz for years, and well, apparently if you build it, they WILL come! I was thrilled to be able to create a piece for Henry Winkler last Spring. He was reading from his new book at Rakestraw Books, (click) and I knew exactly what piece of art I would use!

Here's a snap from my sketchbook. A perfect mantra for my new year as a beginner. Kindness with myself, kindness with others. When I used to teach bookbinding, I would tell my students, "Be nice to yourselves—your head will learn this much faster than your hands will." I have to tell myself this daily.

Here it is in the letterpress-realm. I love the red ink!

Since I'm getting so cozy with this new beginner-state, I thought I'd try something else, as well. It's been years since I did any painting with acrylics, but in the last few months, that has changed. In the image above, I was able to take a few small paintings that I did, and translate them into the letterpress realm. I added some simple hand-lettering, and I really like the outcome. Its fresh new take on a wedding invitation makes me really happy. For more of what I've been up to, please have a look at my website here (click). I've been updating pictures and hope you like it! xo Victoria

August 30, 2014

Happy International Bacon Day!

I love it when my sentiments become a holiday! Printed sometime a few years ago, these are still available in my big cartel shop. Click here. xo

August 12, 2014

Since I'm On A Roll...

Clearly, I'm a worry-er. Previous to our current drought-state here in California, I had my head up in the fact that all of our bees are dying off. This is a big problem.

Taking matters into our own hands, and because we can, cartoonist and sign painter Justin Green and I collaborated on this awesome, three-color print. Taking the painstaking illustrations of Justin, I letterpress printed them in an edition of 100. Each one is signed by Justin, and we have been giving these to the powers that be (no pun).  I have a few left over and have put them in my kiosk (click here) for sale.

Meanwhile, here's a quick reference for what we can do to help (this is my summarization of a list written by Philip Chandler):

•  Stop using insecticides in your gardens.
• Try to avoid seeds coated with systemic insecticides.
•  Read the labels on garden compost—some contain Imidacloprid.
• Create natural habitat (EASY!).
• Plant bee-friendly flowers and plants (EASY!).
• Provide a site for beehives.
• Make a wild bee house.
• Support your local beekeepers (EASY!).
• Learn about bees—tell others.

Thanks for your concern! xo

August 8, 2014

Nobody Likes the Potty Talk

Hi All,
Not my typical post, but I am super serious about the drought we are experiencing here in California. As a native, I remember the last serious one in 1970's. Being that we provide food—not just to our state—but to the entire country, as well as other parts of the world, I think we could all be doing our part to conserve water.

Did you know that the average toilet (made in the last 20 years) takes about 2 gallons of water to flush? Older ones can take up to 5 gallons. We have a small family, but multiply those gallons by however many people, multiplied by however many times a day, and you get the picture.

Ideally, this will be a temporary problem—the rain will return and this Fall will bring a lot of water. Ideally. In the meantime, I'm putting my money where my mouth is. I have created these small prints as kindly reminders to family members, and to let guests know you're okay with them not flushing, if it helps to conserve some water. Send an email with your mailing address to me at victoria(at)milkfedpress(dot)com, and I will send this to you (free for California residents, while supplies last). And it's true—nobody likes the potty talk.