August 30, 2014

Happy International Bacon Day!

I love it when my sentiments become a holiday! Printed sometime a few years ago, these are still available in my big cartel shop. Click here. xo

August 12, 2014

Since I'm On A Roll...

Clearly, I'm a worry-er. Previous to our current drought-state here in California, I had my head up in the fact that all of our bees are dying off. This is a big problem.

Taking matters into our own hands, and because we can, cartoonist and sign painter Justin Green and I collaborated on this awesome, three-color print. Taking the painstaking illustrations of Justin, I letterpress printed them in an edition of 100. Each one is signed by Justin, and we have been giving these to the powers that be (no pun).  I have a few left over and have put them in my kiosk (click here) for sale.

Meanwhile, here's a quick reference for what we can do to help (this is my summarization of a list written by Philip Chandler):

•  Stop using insecticides in your gardens.
• Try to avoid seeds coated with systemic insecticides.
•  Read the labels on garden compost—some contain Imidacloprid.
• Create natural habitat (EASY!).
• Plant bee-friendly flowers and plants (EASY!).
• Provide a site for beehives.
• Make a wild bee house.
• Support your local beekeepers (EASY!).
• Learn about bees—tell others.

Thanks for your concern! xo

August 8, 2014

Nobody Likes the Potty Talk

Hi All,
Not my typical post, but I am super serious about the drought we are experiencing here in California. As a native, I remember the last serious one in 1970's. Being that we provide food—not just to our state—but to the entire country, as well as other parts of the world, I think we could all be doing our part to conserve water.

Did you know that the average toilet (made in the last 20 years) takes about 2 gallons of water to flush? Older ones can take up to 5 gallons. We have a small family, but multiply those gallons by however many people, multiplied by however many times a day, and you get the picture.

Ideally, this will be a temporary problem—the rain will return and this Fall will bring a lot of water. Ideally. In the meantime, I'm putting my money where my mouth is. I have created these small prints as kindly reminders to family members, and to let guests know you're okay with them not flushing, if it helps to conserve some water. Send an email with your mailing address to me at victoria(at)milkfedpress(dot)com, and I will send this to you (free for California residents, while supplies last). And it's true—nobody likes the potty talk.

July 31, 2014

What's In A Name?

Hello, Hello!
It's been a great Summer—super busy with projects in June and then my family and I took the month of July off for a long-needed family trip! So many pictures to come.

In the meantime, a thought I had about names came up more than once. My daughter's name is "Astrid", and as you can imagine, she doesn't find too many others here in the States. With every museum we went to, there was the inevitable trip to the museum gift shop. There she would search through the mugs, keychains, placemats and other unrelated tschotchkes for the item with her name printed on it. She came close with an "A.J." (her initials), and for now, this will have to do.

But it's had me thinking to a conversation I had with a friend, where I boldly proclaimed that people innately love to see their own name in print. She is a calligrapher, and I was suggesting that she at least offer an alphabet sampler to show her clients, so they could find their letters and see how it looks. Am I off mark here? Do you like to see your name in print? Please feel free to leave a comment—those with the most complicated first names will receive a bonus treat! xo Victoria

March 17, 2014

Kiss Me I'm Irish

Ahhh... St. Patrick's Day is upon us. A day where everyone is Irish, the elusive shamrock is everywhere, and the Guinness flows like wine. Like our beloved St. Valentine, the real St. Patrick spent many years in captivity and survived awful conditions. The lore that follows is an amusing leap and here we are. All kissing aside, it has me thinking of bookbindings, and celtic type.

Here is a page from the very famous Book of Kells:


The Book of Kells is a group of illuminated manuscripts. Created by Celtic Monks in (a very debatable) 800 AD., it is a true masterpiece and is considered the pinnacle of Insular Style.

The manuscript was hand-written primarily in an insular script, which greatly influenced modern Gaelic scripts and typography. It has been noted that since the scribes were writing primarily from memory, there are a few instances between the text and the accepted Gospels. Aesthetics definitely took priority over utility or fact.

Here is a close-up of a decorated initial:

To say this is a lavish work of art is an understatement. If you ever find yourself in Dublin, please make way to Trinity College to see this amazing feat for your own eyes. There is so much information about it on the web, as well. It's worth a few hours if you have the slightest interest in art, history, and design. Erin Go Bragh!