July 11, 2008


park avenue

One of my favorite things to find as I'm out and about is the sometimes clever use of fonts in a sign. Not only is "Park Avenue" the name of this restaurant, but it's also the name of the font that they used. Brilliant. 


deerseason87 said...

OMG! I was JUST talking to someone about this sign the other day! Have you ever noticed that Cooper's Tires uses Cooper Black? So awesome.

milkfedpressblog said...

You're so right about Cooper Tires! The "Italics" store's sign is in of course—italics, "Broadway Liquor" just took down their cool "Broadway" font sign so I thought I'd better start snapping. I think I'm stretching it a bit with Art's Crab Shak using (is it?) "Sand" in part of their sign, though, but it does amuse me to think that they might.