July 21, 2008

Wood Type Heaven

wood type 
Okay, I should be standing at my press right now, and not in front of my computer, but (ironically) I have just stumbled into Wood Type Heaven.
I just got off the phone with a very kind man who has over 370 sets of wood type for sale. Pre-Civil War to the Twentieth Century. Sigh. I was so impressed with not only his collection, but the attention in which he lovingly cared for these pieces. He said that some were so dirty when he bought them that he didn't even know what he had. He cleaned them and polished them (with felt, no doubt) and loved them. He has been archiving them for the past year and it's just so interesting to me to have stumbled into his world.

While of course I'd love to be considered in receiving/buying such a collection, I know he will find exactly the right home for these amazing pieces of history and art. 

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PimpShoe said...

You have to get this type, no matter what. It is a treasure and an irreplaceable and non-substitutable resource for your work and your soul. If you have to hock your baby to a West Oakland pawnshop, do it. If you have to sell crack to "Differently-
Abled" minors, well, you will have to do that too. I'm sorry, that's just the way it is. And remember, I'm telling you all of this with Love. Cause, you know, nobody loves you like Ike does, baby.