December 11, 2008

Memory Lane

I recently found a box filled with some things my Dad had saved for me. In it were a few odds and ends and alas—some items from our family's desk! I had completely forgotten about this box of rubber letters, and am completely amused to find that I've not strayed too far from the 5- year-old kid who loved to stamp stars (exhibit B) and decorate envelopes. Along with the box of rubber letters, was a box containing wax sticks and a seal. I lit up the probably-30-year-old wax stick and enjoyed stamping the big "D" (my maiden name). Letter-writing was serious business in my family. My Grandmother had a typewriter that would type in script and it was always so exciting when her letters showed up. I think that has always stuck with me and I am grateful for the inspiration.

1 comment:

ichimeg said...

Lovely memory!
And this child has a good sense of beauty!!