January 12, 2009

Resolution #1

We are well into the new year, and I thought I'd share a possibly incriminating New Year's Resolution. You see, I grew up writing letters. I love writing letters. One of the major reasons that I got into design and letterpress printing was because I absolutely love making (and receiving) great stationery. I love the USPS, I love shopping for stamps—the whole she-bang. But in the last year I've absolutely slipped with any personal hand-written correspondence. 

I know—the shoemaker's shoes and all that. But here it is. SO, I'm outing myself and I've started a new campaign to encourage you, Dear Reader, to also start the year fresh with some hand-written notes. 

How can you benefit? Simply send a 42 cent stamp to me at the above address and you too can join in on the fun. Make sure you send along your address, too!


Cheryl said...

Oh!! How exciting. This is also on my list of resolutions!

easy to miss dot com said...

But what if I live in Holland & the 95 cent stamp I use to send letters from here to the States wouldn't be of any use to you?
I have a similar goal, and I've already posted 4 letters (to different people) this year! Yay! (And I joined the Letter Writer's Alliance, which is totally fun.)

Anonymous said...

I love shopping for stamps

Oh good gosh, this is me. It is fun, isn't it. When I travel I love to send myself a written not using a local stamp. I don't collect stamps but it's fun to com back from vacation and get a not from yourself with a stamp from another country.

www.theflashdance.com said...

Nice post... I was on the road for 6 weeks last summer and I wrote tons of letters to my wife and now I really miss the process. I am not really into shopping for stamps and stationary but I did enjoy using bad post cards and hotel stationary when I had been drinking ;) There is something so special about getting even the most trivial piece of personal mail these days.