February 4, 2009

Leigh Wells + Milkfed Press = LOVE!

This year is off to an interesting start for me and I'm super excited (shouting! from rafters!) to show off the latest suite in my new line of Wedding Stationery. 

I've enlisted the help of the incredibly talented Leigh Wells, and she has created this very versatile suite exclusively for Milkfed Press. Shown above are her traditional bride/groom icons, as well as her groom/groom and bride/bride options. I think that Leigh's artwork and hand-lettering combined with the simple typography offer a fresh new option for the truly modern couple.

In addition, Leigh has graciously offered to pen the couple's names on their invitations (like the Invitation shown above) for an additional $150 fee (otherwise, names will be typeset by Milkfed Press, still using Leigh's artwork and hand-lettering where noted), and she may be coerced into hand-lettering your guests' names and addresses on the outer envelopes for an additional fee.

If you like what you see and think that this may be just the Suite to say, "We do!" please send me a note at victoria@milkfedpress.com to let me know. Please include the number of sets that you'd like to have, and let me know if you'd like to have Leigh pen your names on the invitations. ! xo Victoria

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