June 10, 2010

Lucky Us!

I know I've said this a million times here, but it truly, truly is the little things in life that I adore. The other night I went out to dinner with my family to celebrate my birthday. I know, A Lady doesn't really say, but I'm A Printer; I've just turned 43 and I had a great day with my loved ones. My daughter (3) has just mastered the art of "X's" and "O's" (kisses and hugs for the uninitiated) and adorned me with her fabulous artwork and new-found typography. We went out for dinner and drinks and when we left the restaurant, the owner handed my daughter a basket of tootsie pops to choose from (we're classy like that). We all picked one out and as we unwrapped them, my husband said, "Don't forget to check for the Indian (Native American)!". He told me that if you got a wrapper with this particular graphic, you could turn it in for a free lollipop. I've been eating Tootsie Pops my whole life and had never heard of this. I checked mine and there was nothing but alas!—my daughter scored the elusive image.

Amused by this, we came home to check the internets and found the story of the Indian Graphic. To me, it was a quiet little gift and my daughter is putting it in her treasure box. Never underestimate the power of printed material!

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