June 15, 2010

National Buy A Book Day!

Well, it's not really but it should be. Like many small businesses, book stores are suffering in this crazy economy. It's hard to believe, but bookstores in Berkeley (California) cannot keep their doors open. Big chain stores have closed down and I don't even want to go into what's happening to the fine press community. On a cheerier note, I want to talk about Rakestraw Books, in Danville, California. Touted as "The Bookstore In Danville" (even with the little registered trademark), they truly are that cool bookstore we love to go to. Rakestraw's Ambassador, Mr. Michael Barnard, does a wonderful job of bringing in writers and events which make Rakestraw Books a go-to destination for folks in the Bay Area.

A patron of the arts, Michael is also so very supportive of the letterpress community here. Following a rich, Bay Area Tradition, he often hires us designers and printers to create a commemorative broadside for some of his events. Above is a snapshot of a broadside that I printed this week. It's for Robert Hass—a Pulitzer-Prize winning Poet reading at Rakestraw Books at 7 pm tonight. If you can't make it then, please be sure and get yourself there sometime soon. Buy a book and tell them I said, "Hello!" (and thank you). xo Victoria

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