April 14, 2011

Love Is All Around

The good thing about having an imagination, is that you don't have to go too far to find inspiration for art and design. These photos were snapped from my phone within a block of my home.
Personally, I've always gone for big, bright and showy flowers in my garden, but lately, I've really come to appreciate the more sublime offerings from the humble Succulent. The shapes are so interesting and the touches of color (a perfect example of 'complementary color' on the bottom left—the green leaves with the red outline) constantly remind me how perfect nature really is.
I had the pleasure of working with a lovely, lovely couple to create an Invitation Suite for their Wedding Weekend. They wanted something clean and modern, so I sat down with pen and paper and thought this sweet little succulent would be the perfect touch. Nothing sharp, nothing gushy, just a no-nonsense sense of life. Solid, like them.

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