October 20, 2011

Google+: A Cautionary Tale

I am not having a great love affair with the new social media today. In a moment of ohit'sjustonebighugoutthere, I started a Google+ account. But... I learned the hard way that if you do this, and you decide to 'clean up' the crazy photos from years ago that show up in your profile, that you will soon regret this. There was no prompt, and I did not realize that everything somehow is connected to the mighty Google web. So I deleted and didn't look back. No prompt to let me know that I'm about to make a grave social networking mistake.
Long story short, I checked on my blog to see that all of my previous photos are gone. "Sorry, Vic.!" I have to manually restore this, as there's no recovery and naturally I did not click on the "Data Liberation" tab before deleting. Sigh. Really—Data Liberation?!
Since I am whining, I may as well mention that the new Blogger interface is whacked with double-spacing, previews that look fine, and posts that look crazy. I think today I will stick to hand-setting lead type; it's a lot more manageable.

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deerseason87 said...

vic- for future reference, you can set any photos or albums to be hidden from anyone you want (or everyone but yourself)!