October 6, 2011

Be @ Home: Best of the Web

I just heard from the darling Jennifer at the Be@Home blog, and they have kindly selected my blog to be part of their weekly, Best of the Web series. I was sincerely flummoxed when she reached out to me, and visions of 7th Grade Oral Report Day came flooding back into my consciousness. What? People actually read this blog? Well yes, apparently, you do.

Above are some samples of the fruits of my labor—from my garden (carrot seeds were from
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (click) and raspberry shoots were from Bob Hattich, in Napa) and eventually to my press (click). I thought that these would be fitting photographs for such a blurb. The intention of this blog is to offer a behind the scenes look at my work, and this does it well. My confidence in my craft and at the press is pretty high, but I am still learning to trust my voice here, on the not-page. I think that the picture above illustrates a process; knowledge, some hard work, skill, faith and (hopefully) some little victories. I find myself in the middle of these states at any given time, which makes it a little hard to recognize. But if I'm going to be honest, right now it feels wonderful to sit here and feel a little, well, victorious.

To see the Jennifer's post, please have a look
here (click). Thank you again! xo Victoria

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