November 9, 2011

Hey—I Know You: Memories of a Memory Box

The thing about being a Maker, is that I tend to make things and then move on. The process of making—the planning and design, the gathering of materials, and then the actual creating and putting things together is such a long process that by the time I've finished, my brain has almost moved on to the next thing. I've been thinking about this quite a bit lately. You see, the more things I make, the more times this process is repeated. Design in-mind, create, give away. I used to sit with the things I made for a few days, before they'd find their new home.

In my fantasy work-life, I am super organized about the post-project stuff: I take fantastic photographs of my work, hang out with it, and then send it on its way. In reality, this isn't always the case. Deadlines, shipping times and eager collaborators sometimes make it so we (my stuff and I) need to be brief with each other—say our goodbyes and not look back.

This lovely box was one of these kinds of pieces. It didn't quite make it into my camera, but lucky for me, this is another reason I love the internets. I was looking at behind-the-scenes stuff and found—Hello there!—the link to this (click). The good folks at Martha Stewart Weddings *do* photograph everything! I'd made this Memory Box a few years ago. I remember it well—the couple had sent this special fabric to me so I could prepare it, and use it as bookbinding cloth. They had an idea of the size, and from that, I created this. I loved how I was able to line the paper up to match perfectly. The fuschia ribbon was their idea, and today, I get to have a moment (again) with it, to see how it all worked out. Here's to the happy couple!

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