December 7, 2012

Green Is the New Black

I called it (to myself, if that counts).

Yesterday, it was announced that the Pantone color for 2013 is green. Emerald Green, to be specific!
I have been a long-time follower of the Pantone trends, and I figured it was time for green to show up. I'm guessing (out loud, now) that next year will be yellow, but we'll check back in then and see if I'm correct.

In the meantime, I've created some holiday cards for sale in the Kiosk (click), and I've had a fun time designing and creating them. Honestly, I don't get too much time on the press for, "hey, I think I'll just print something" projects, so I figured with Olive-Route's Winter Craftland (click) coming up, I ought to have something to offer! Here are a few things, ready to go:

A slight explanation of the top card. With my love and adoration of the Pantone Color Matching System (PMS, for those in the know), I have an absolute pet peeve with some of the "pantone color" products being offered. My friend, Richard (click), has a mug that is designed to look like a Pantone chip.
The problem for me, is that it is incorrect! Yes, it's a lovely ochre-color, but to this nerd with a pantone book, all I have to do is look up the color # printed on the mug to see that it's wrong, wrong, wrong. This drives me crazy. And it's not just the mug—it's everywhere with the various products.
So, with my tongue slightly in my cheek (again, and even if it is just to myself), I pursued the somewhat daring move of printing, "Panatomically Correct" pantone cards. See for yourself! xo Victoria

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