July 31, 2014

What's In A Name?

Hello, Hello!
It's been a great Summer—super busy with projects in June and then my family and I took the month of July off for a long-needed family trip! So many pictures to come.

In the meantime, a thought I had about names came up more than once. My daughter's name is "Astrid", and as you can imagine, she doesn't find too many others here in the States. With every museum we went to, there was the inevitable trip to the museum gift shop. There she would search through the mugs, keychains, placemats and other unrelated tschotchkes for the item with her name printed on it. She came close with an "A.J." (her initials), and for now, this will have to do.

But it's had me thinking to a conversation I had with a friend, where I boldly proclaimed that people innately love to see their own name in print. She is a calligrapher, and I was suggesting that she at least offer an alphabet sampler to show her clients, so they could find their letters and see how it looks. Am I off mark here? Do you like to see your name in print? Please feel free to leave a comment—those with the most complicated first names will receive a bonus treat! xo Victoria

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