August 12, 2014

Since I'm On A Roll...

Clearly, I'm a worry-er. Previous to our current drought-state here in California, I had my head up in the fact that all of our bees are dying off. This is a big problem.

Taking matters into our own hands, and because we can, cartoonist and sign painter Justin Green and I collaborated on this awesome, three-color print. Taking the painstaking illustrations of Justin, I letterpress printed them in an edition of 100. Each one is signed by Justin, and we have been giving these to the powers that be (no pun).  I have a few left over and have put them in my kiosk (click here) for sale.

Meanwhile, here's a quick reference for what we can do to help (this is my summarization of a list written by Philip Chandler):

•  Stop using insecticides in your gardens.
• Try to avoid seeds coated with systemic insecticides.
•  Read the labels on garden compost—some contain Imidacloprid.
• Create natural habitat (EASY!).
• Plant bee-friendly flowers and plants (EASY!).
• Provide a site for beehives.
• Make a wild bee house.
• Support your local beekeepers (EASY!).
• Learn about bees—tell others.

Thanks for your concern! xo

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