July 17, 2008

It used to be called "Fake Wood".

fake wood

A few years ago I did a poster for Maybelle at Stumasa. It was to commemorate the store's then 2 year anniversary, and it was really fun. Being that they sell hand-made furniture (amongst other things), I thought it was only appropriate that the poster reflected this fact. Here's an image of how I did it: I took a large sheet of linoleum, some carving tools along with half a glass of wine and ta-da—instant faux bois! Shown here in black ink (though the poster was done in a light "pine" color), I am about to resurrect this tired old linoleum and bring it into some new pieces. Stay tuned.

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deerseason87 said...

do you ever read this? http://itsknotwood.blogspot.com/