July 18, 2008

The Printer's Devil

little devil
Printer's Devil  n:  an apprentice in a printing establishment.

When I learned to print, it was with lead type and everything was hand-set. It was here, at Peter's shop that I learned the term, "Printer's Devil". The Printer's Devil could be counted on to do such mundane tasks as distributing (sorting and putting away—letter-by-letter) 6 pt. (tiny) type, cutting paper and keeping the shop clean. In the earlier traditions of printing, one didn't get a computer, buy a press and set up shop. It was a many-years-learned process in the true craft tradition. 

So much for keeping my family out of my work. Above is a picture of my little Printer's Devil at her happiest. No need to call OSHA—she's not handling any lead type (yet) but she does come to the shop with me. I'm a working Mom and I'm really grateful for the fact that I can take park breaks with my kid.

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