May 4, 2009

The Flashdance

I've been wanting to post about The Flashdance for awhile now. I met Michael through the talented Michelle at Mint Julep  a month or so ago. The minute I clicked on their website I knew they were on to something. Myself, I'm a total music lover, so all disclaimers aside, I have to say that this guy has impeccable taste in music. Truly. And I'm picky. Aside from playing music at cool weddings everywhere, he also puts together a monthly list of music which he will send to you. For real. Shown here is a cd cover that he designed and I printed for him which will house said-cds and will also contain some swag from his partners, Our Labor of Love as well as Max Wanger. These guys have definitely been making the blog rounds but I can also add that not only are they talented, they are kind. If I weren't already married I know who I would hire.

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