May 6, 2009


This is a snippet of a counter-top which extends about 12 feet long that currently sits in my shop. My studio is housed in a building rich in history. Part of it had been a grocery store from the 1950's, and at some point during the 1980's, the owners of the building just left. Everything sat as it had from 1950 on, until people started breaking in. Apparently, the owners did not believe in storing their money in a bank, so chose to store it in the walls, etc.. This didn't last long and the building was soon discovered as a free atm. The man who bought the building after all of this happened (gutting, fire, etc.) lovingly restored the building and put it back into shape.

When I moved in, he said, "Victoria, you like old stuff, right?". And he gave me this counter, along with some other really cool pieces. 

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deerseason87 said...

I am still jealous of this counter. It is truly amazing.