May 7, 2009

Lost and Found | Postcard Series

My husband found this copy in a used book store. Along with the great story, he found this lovely and touching inscription inside the front cover. I would love to receive such a note. This will be the first in a series of Lost and Found Postcards. If you have found any yourselves that you'd like to contribute to the series, please contact me! Read the inscription here:

There is nothing significant about giving you this now except that it is one of my all time favorite, that it is about a pure soul encountering new people, that it is long and you might have time before too many new friends sweep you away to read it. And just because I love you so dearly and had to give you something the nearest to the weight of a heart. I love you, D.


alison said...

so sweet!!!

Castle in the Air said...

Wonderful. Affirms my faith in art, love, and the handwritten note.

Here is to everything good!

Much love,