January 13, 2011

Ladies of Cannes

{Okay, so I'm corny but you get the joke.}
You know how some people like to go to Museums for inspiration and beauty? I am not particularly one of those people Yes, I suppose it's great to see art that is interesting and inspiring but for me, my money's on the everyday objects found in the grocery store. Truly the original art installations, right? And really, while it's not so sexy to admit it, any old any grocery store will do. Above is a montage of some of my favorite cans out there. I've been cataloguing these for years, and thought I'd periodically share some of my finds.

Dolores, Queen of the Pigs Feet is gorgeous and Pica Pica features the best Mermaid in the whole canned sardine world. While Challenge Butter has a permanent place in my Creatures series, this Land O' Lakes Maiden has stood the test of time. Some interesting trivia, I just learned that the official word for the image-within-an-image featured in her logo is the Droste Effect. Thank you, Supermarket! And I'm certainly not the first person to recognize what a Babe this Maiden is. For those looking for some cheap thrills, click on this link to see how to make a Land O' Lakes peep show. Serious. What? You've never heard of Lamb Flaps? Okay, that's a cheeky card I printed myself about 11 years ago, using one of Peter's amazing cuts and wood type. But you can see the inspiration and I'm hoping that this little post will open your eyes to some of the greatest, everyday graphic design offered today.

PS. Link credit for the Grocery Store Installation goes to this blogger. Thank you!


christycunn1 said...

I happily came upon your blog tonight. I really love your work, and I enjoy your writing!

jim said...

I enjoyed your blog. Nice writing :)