January 6, 2011

Well, Well, Well... Look Who Decided to Show Up.

{The top image is from Snippet and Ink and the bottom is from Style Me Pretty.}
Hello, New Year. Here we are. I feel a little sheepish seeing that my last entry was 5 months ago, but alas—here I am.
Last year was a very good year for my business. I took on some exciting new projects and created some frankly really cool pieces. That's really all I can tell you or show you at this point, because I'd have to kill you. BUT, I will keep you posted when they make theirverybigdebut in the Wedding Magazine World.
On a personal level, the last few months were fairly tough. My Father (who raised me), has been in declining health for well, it seems like a very long time now. He entered the hospital in late September and we truly did not think he would leave. But he did. Words like, "Miracle" and "Incredible Will" have been bandied about and the cheery part is that he is one tough cookie. For how long, I do not know. I won't go too much further into this because he's of a finer generation and frankly, we just don't talk about these things publicly. Certainly not on the internet-machine. I think the reason for mentioning this is that this has certainly provided me with the proverbial Spiritual Growth that perhaps all decent people must go through. And downtime. And most importantly—gratitude.
I'm very very grateful for the work I do, the work I have and the lovely people that support me. This is not lost on me every. single. day. of my life. Having had a few months of contemplation and time away, I feel rested. I feel inspired. Strange how the creativity finds a way to grow, even when I don't feed it much.
So here I am. New Year. Newer Me. I feel recharged. I have pictures to post. Maybe of work, maybe of things that simply interest me. It warmed my heart to see that when I poked my head out of my little world this morning, I found a piece of my work on the very lovely Snippet and Ink, as well as Style Me Pretty. What are the odds of that? The Style Me Pretty blog was featuring a gorgeous wedding created by the couple along with Custom Event Group. Rebecca and I have worked closely for years now and she has become my friend. If you are considering a special event (not just wedding) in the Napa Valley Region, she is your gal. On the shallow end of the pool... that IS Brad Wollack! I am now just four degrees from Chelsea Handler. It feels like the Universe is saying to me, "It's okay. I know you've been busy and we still think about you. Come back!". Or that's how I'm going to view it.
So, here goes. Blogger, you may or may not be coming with me, or I might move on to another format. I'll keep you all posted, whichever way I land.
I hope the New Year brings you all health, happiness and prosperity. Drop me a line sometime. xo Victoria