September 7, 2011

Eva and Logan

Hello World.!
I am writing to mention that I have just finished some of my favorite work to date.
It has occurred to me that the very reason that I started this blog was to give a peak into behind-the-scenes. I see that I rarely do this.
In the spirit of getting back on track—please have a look at some of my latest. It was created for one of the sweetest couples that I've ever worked with. And yes, if you look at it closely, that is not a typo, but a picture of a Zedonk. I'd never heard of one prior to this, but now I am excited to meet Cate myself one day.
So, now what? If you, too, are a sweetheart and would like to have me help you to create your stationery or an interesting project, please do not hesitate to contact me. xo


indonesiatooverseas said...

That stuff is so beautiful. But what zedonk is? I never heard about that.


Sugar+Oysters said...

cute. cute. cute.