August 16, 2011

Capital-F Friend, Part II (links, links, links)

Dear World,
I know I've mentioned this a gazillion times, but I could not be more proud of Dan for being such a Magic Man. I think his and Margaret's mutual love and respect for each other and for each other's crafts shines through. I might add one little-known fact that people may not know, which is that Margaret was also a pretty great Banjo player. In fact, I'd guess this was her playing in the opening music. And Dan is a 1930's True Bluesman walking around in the 21st Century. Their appreciation for early Americana is another thread that I believe runs through the very core of them. They truly 'got' each other and it was so cool to witness their parallel interests trying to make their way(s) around Civic Center (where SFPL was). That's really all I can say about it.

Rough segue, but necessary nonetheless:
It's been a full Summer of work and play over here. The Printer's Devil has turned 4, and is beyond lovely. My Dad passed away earlier this year, and I feel like I'm getting my landlegs back from this. I am working and approaching each of my projects with an appreciation that only a personal loss can bring. I am grateful for my lovely clients, and am also feeling inspired to create a new, personal project. More on that to come, for sure.

Lastly, I've also been working—gasp—on a new website. I love, love my old one, and thankfully in these past 7 years since my friend, Josh designed it, he has gone on to discover his true genius in developing a Website Platform/Fancyness for folks like me (see definition #1). In other words, he developed a very usable web service and platform for those Creative types who want to have a fancy new website with all the current technological bells and whistles (the ipad/iphone/ican'tkeepup-necessary viewing-stuff). And down the road, us Creatives can actually edit it. While it was years of work for him to develop, with his help, it won't take years for me to create. I feel like I'm starting over. Or back to school shopping. Will keep you all posted.

Enough of that. Enjoy the inspiration and brilliance of both Margaret and Dan. xo

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