January 26, 2012

New Cards!

Hello All!
Well, even The Shoemaker eventually gets some new shoes.
After many years, I've come up with a new design for my cards, and here they are!
Ever wonder about the Accordion player? Here's how it all began:
A friend of mine (knowing I love all-things-Accordion) found this fantastic photograph at a Flea Market. I loved it and held on to it for years.

Years later, I was hired to create a show poster for an Accordion-based band, and I started with the artwork. Using this picture as inspiration, I created the linoleum cut shown below (it's not right-reading, because everything in printing is backwards). I decided that I loved this so much, that I would have to make another something for the band. Proving that inspiration can come from anywhere, Milkfed Press was born. xo

1 comment:

Jewel said...

I wonder what gave you the idea of calling it "milkfed". I like the design anyway, it has a clean and retro feel to it.