January 12, 2012

This Is My Brain On Press

Hello, Hello! I hope you are all enjoying the New Year, and that it's off to a wonderful start!
Mine has started off well. I made some new friends—the fabulous Pilar at Lilac Dress Boutique (click), Sanford Marshall (click) as well as the very kind Saskia and Ben Winter (click), all at Lilac Dress Boutique's Trunk Show this past weekend. Pilar was hosting her annual Bridal Gown Trunk Show (she truly is fantastic, if you need to find something amazing), and was kind enough to open up her doors to Milkfed Press so I could join in the fun. Samples were shown off, paper packages handed out, and the Mimosas were flowing. Not bad for the first weekend into 2012.

The timing could not have been more perfect—I have just completed a new collection of Wedding Invitations. We all know that with the making, comes the hustle-part. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's one thing to create things—this part I get and am good at. But the veryimportant part of being in business, is that you need to reach people that may be interested in what you have to offer. Here lies the rub for me. I make, I talk, but the photography? It's killing me. And the photography is the new handshake, right? In my fluster, I took this snap and thought it was the perfect example of the state of my brain these days. Enjoy! xo

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